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About the Artist

Originally Dutch, Suzanne followed her love for wild spaces to the north of Scotland. Here, the landscape of hills, forests, rivers and rocky coasts feeds her inspiration every day. She loves venturing out with her sketchbook and camera in all weathers. Her paintings often start on site, with notes and sketches in various materials to gather information. Back in the studio, she gathers her sketches, photographs, memories and sensory experiences which she processes into evocative artworks. Sometimes the experiences and the elements of the land will unconsciously seep into her abstract paintings. At other times the creative force feels to be outside of herself, and she is only translating it into the visual language of paint on canvas.

For Suzanne, painting feels to be a meditation, a dialogue with the unseen. At other times it is a more conscious, rational approach in which composition, colour and value are carefully evaluated and altered. Suzannes work stems from observation, memory, imagination and intuition.

Suzanne is part of the Orchard Road Studios artist collective in Forres, Scotland, and she regularly exhibits and sells her work.

© Suzanne Birch